Fritz Pechmann

conceptual, concrete artist

Join us in celebrating Fritz Pechmann's remarkable journey as a concrete artist, where each creation tells a story of innovation, beauty, and a commitment to finding art in unexpected places. Explore the world of this visionary artist whose work transcends traditional boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of contemporary art.

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2024 Lentos, Linz

About Me

Born in Linz in 1956, I have been shaping my artistic journey since 1974 when I relocated to Innsbruck. My academic background in theology laid the foundation for my artistic exploration. In 1994, I established my creative base in Vienna. Over the years, my artistic footprint has extended both nationally and internationally through exhibitions, and my works have found a home in public collections.

My achievements include recognition in graphic competitions, and my poetry collection, "Ortstiefen," published by Edition Doppelpunkt in Vienna, stands as a testament to my diverse artistic pursuits. Notably, my art has been acquired by the Land Tirol and the Federal Ministry of Education and Art.

Let me share a glimpse into my world of collages and assemblages: Transforming discarded materials into something beautiful and discovering the inherent beauty in waste—this has been the guiding principle of my work across various series. What holds significance for me is the amalgamation of different materials into a new, compelling, and harmonious whole.

My art can be characterized by - thinking further about forms, finding new points of reference, discovering complexity, and feeling tranquility.

Graphic Competitions
  • Austrian Graphic Competition, Acquisition Prize 1991

  • Fingerprints, Small Graphic Competition 1998

  • World Festival Art of Paper, 2012

  • POETRY COLLECTION "Ortstiefen," Edition Doppelpunkt, Vienna.

  • Albertina Vienna.

  • Acquisitions by the State of Tyrol and the Federal Ministry of Education and Art.
  • 6 Entries

about me
about me

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