Christian Iconography

Conceptual Abstract Stations of the Cross.

The individual Stations of the Cross are reduced to their iconographic, structural content - to a few geometric basic forms. The color scheme is designed to emphasize the symbolic value.

This Stations of the Cross was exhibited at the Marcel Callo Church in Linz during Lent 2023.

These artworks were created between 2022 and 2023.


  • Abstract Stations of the Cross at the Tuchfabrik, Marcel Callo Church Linz, 2023

The Stations of the Cross presented by Fritz Pechmann offer a unique and contemporary interpretation of Christ's Passion, transforming traditional devotional practice into a profound, conceptual art experience. Through the reduction of each station to minimal geometric forms and a carefully chosen color palette, Pechmann invites viewers to engage with the Via Crucis on a deeply personal level, encouraging a contemplation that transcends the visual to touch the spiritual.

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