The starting point is the book in its physical form: as a "visionary experience" (Kurt Lüthi), as 'objet trouvé'. In contrast, here lies the abstraction, reduction, and geometrization (cf. "when books become collages". a conversation between Kurt Lüthi and Fritz Pechmann. Preface to the exhibition catalog Fritz Pechmann, Book Images Edition Gallery Thomas Flora, Example Innsbruck, 1999).

The cut-out geometric shapes contain, according to C.G. Jung, an opening to archetypes. The circle represents the infinite, the square the earthly, the triangle dynamism, and the cross the stretched opposites. Often, I have chosen two geometric shapes that are in tension with each other on one hand and in correspondence with each other on the other hand. This refers to the transformation of forms, to the movement between them, suggesting changes.

In this effort to find abstract symbols, a kind of calligraphic principle also comes into play. Art and calligraphy lead as modes of representation to the Absolute.

These artworks were created between 1997 and 2003 (2006).


  • 1999 Galerie Thomas Flora, Innsbruck
  • 2002 "Grenzenlos" Waagnersche Universitätbuchhandlung, Innsbruck
  • 2007 Galerie der Stadt Traun
  • 2012 Studio 4, Operngasse 4, Wien
  • 2022 galerie wuensch aircube, Linz
  • 2023 galerie wuensch aircube Artist Books, Linz
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